Make Your Own Jerky of the Month

The Best Jerky delivered to your house every month for 6 months! You select the jerky you want to be delivered. One package delivered each month.

We save you shipping dollars! (No shipping charges – US destinations only. Not available for Canada shipping.)

Select your favorite jerky or try some new flavors:

4 oz options: Natural Beef, Black Pepper Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Hot Beef, Sweet & Spicy Beef, Ghost Pepper Beef, Chipotle Bourbon Beef,
Red Chili Pepper Beef, Cajun Beef, Carolina Reaper Beef, Western Tri-Tip Beef, Habanero Tri-Tip Beef, Black Pepper Turkey, Teriyaki Turkey, Sweet & Spicy Turkey.

3.5 oz options: Black Pepper Brisket, Teriyaki Brisket, Sweet & Spicy Brisket.

Note: Just one payment and you get our flavorful jerky each month for 6 months shipped to your door (US destinations only)!!

Not available for Canada shipping