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Address Instructions for APO addresses

Name: Enter the name as you normally would, also add enter rank in the place you write their name.

Company Line Please DO NOT use when entering your soldiers' address unless you need three lines for the address. The reason is that it will place whatever you enter in the Company Line above the soldiers' name which can cause your item to be delayed or returned by the Post Office. So unless you need a third address line, leave the Company Line blank.

City Line: Enter the APO or FPO into the

State Line: Enter the AE, AP, AA into the

Enter the Zip as you normally would

Country: United States is the only country allowed. If you are shipping to a soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever they serve us so well, your package will actually be sent by the US Postal System to a Military Drop off point in San Francisco, CA or New York, NY. From there, the Military Postal System will take over and deliver it to the intended soldier. Never put the actual country they are serving in as the post office may charge you International Shipping rates!.

Sample completed form:

Sample completed APO address form

The Best Jerky, Naturally

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