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  • Buffalo Jerky - Teriyaki

    Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky

    4.50 out of 5

    A taste of the Old West. Our solid pieces of Buffalo are seasoned with all the right spices with Teriyaki leading the charge.  Buffalo is higher in iron and protein than Beef. You get 7 oz. – two 3.5 oz. packs

  • Teriyaki Salmon Jerky

    Teriyaki Salmon


    Two packages of Teriyaki Salmon

    Teriyaki Salmon - Ingredients: Salmon, Teriyaki sauce, Brown sugar, Lemon juice, Spices, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Liquid smoke, Sodium nitrite. Contains soybean and wheat, fish (Salmon).

    3 oz packages

  • Sale! Turkey Jerky - Teriyaki

    Teriyaki Turkey

    5.00 out of 5
    $23.00$39.00 $23.00$35.10

    Our Turkey Jerky is available in Teriyaki flavor. The teriyaki seasoning is just the right flavor to compliment the natural taste of turkey. For those who are health conscious or just appreciate the unique recipe we have developed over the years to make the best Turkey Jerky in any house – Guaranteed! We only use fresh free range hormone free turkey breast.

  • Turkey 3 flavors

    Turkey Jerky 3 Flavors


    Sample our turkey jerky flavors
    A 1/4 pound each of the following turkey flavors: Sweet & Spicy, Black Pepper, and Teriyaki.