Black Pepper

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  • Kangaroo Jerky - Black Pepper

    Kangaroo Jerky – Black Pepper

    4.00 out of 5

    Kangaroo – Black pepper flavor

    Kangaroo is a uniquely Australian game meat that is lean and healthy with around two per cent fat and very high levels of quality protein, iron and zinc. This jerky is not gamey, has a nice texture with a tinge of sweetness.

    Kangaroo meat is low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals. You get 7 oz. – two 3.5 oz. packs

  • Turkey Jerky - 3 flavors

    Turkey Jerky 3 Flavors


    Sample our turkey jerky flavors
    A 1/4 pound each of the following turkey flavors: Sweet & Spicy, Black Pepper, and Teriyaki.

  • Wild Boar - Black Pepper

    Wild Boar Jerky

    5.00 out of 5

    Wild Boar Jerky – Black Pepper flavor –  you get 7 oz. – two 3.5 oz. packs

    Comment from a customer:
    “Your Wild Boar Jerky is tasty, just spicy enough to wake up the taste buds.”