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  • Venison Jerky - Black Pepper

    Jerky of the Month Club Best jerky in any house delivered to your house every month. We will save you your shipping dollars! (No shipping charges.) Each month you receive a different bag of our game jerky…for six months.

    Large size – 7 oz. size bags: Black Pepper BuffaloVenisonKangarooHot BuffaloTeriyaki BuffaloWild Boar Note: Just one payment  and you get our flavorful jerky each month for 6 months shipped to your door (US destinations only)!!

    Not available for Canada shipping

    For gift purchases –  You can also choose a printable gift card, that you can print out at home with the personal message you enter. Gift card choice will be shown when checking out.

  • Two 3.5 oz. packsWild Boar - Black Pepper

    Wild Boar Jerky

    5.00 out of 5

    Wild Boar Jerky – Black Pepper flavor –  7 oz. – two 3.5 oz. packs

    14 oz. – four 3.5 oz. packs

    Comment from a customer:
    “Your Wild Boar Jerky is tasty, just spicy enough to wake up the taste buds.”

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